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I am just getting started with ZEVs.

I’m ready to integrate ZEVs into my fleet.

I’m interested in charging/refueling infrastructure.

I want information specific to my location.

Tell me about the basics of ZEVs.

Tell me about the environmental benefits of ZEVs.

I want to know what kind of ZEVs I can buy.

Tell me about ZEV costs and savings.

Tell me how to maintain a ZEV.

I need to educate my leadership.

I need to know which ZEVs make sense for my fleet.

I want to know what other fleets have done.

I need to get my fleet drivers up to speed.

I need to know about maintaining ZEVs.

Tell me about the basics of ZEV charging/refueling.

Show me where my drivers charge or refuel their vehicle.

I want to install electric vehicle charging stations.

Tell me about state/local programs and incentives near me.

Show me charging stations in my area.

Show me everything.

Show me total cost of ownership assessment tools.

Show me available incentives.

Show me information about available models.

Show me right-fit analysis tools for fleets.

Show me case studies.

I’d like to know about ZEV networks and partnerships.

Tell me what drivers should know about the benefits of ZEVs.

Tell me what drivers need to know about charging/refueling ZEVs.

Show me where my drivers can recharge or refuel a ZEV.

Tell me how much it costs to own and operate a station.

Help me find incentives that can lower the costs of installing charging infrastructure.

Show me how other organizations are funding charging infrastructure.

Help me understand any legal and regulatory considerations.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Deployment Guidelines British Columbia

This resource provides information on legislation, building and electrical codes, vehicle technology, EVs in commercial fleets and costs, among other electric vehicle supply equipment installation top…

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Deployment Guidelines for the Oregon I-5 Metro Areas of Portland, Salem, Corvallis and Eugene

This handbook focuses on EV charging infrastructure development in the Oregon I-5 Metro areas of Portland, Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene. It establishes a common knowledge base for stakeholders by prov…

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Guidance Document

This “how to” guide is written for public entites looking to install workplace charging. It includes information on technology, planning, procurement, data collection, models, and utility assistance….

Electric Vehicle Technology Roadmap for Canada

This guide provides the strategic direction to ensure the development and adoption of electric vehicles in Canada, while building a robust industry.

Electrician Guide for Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Single-Family Homes

This guide provides information for electricians on the process for preparing single family residences for safe and reliable electric vehicle charging….

EV Charging Stations for Multi-Unit Residential and Mix-Use Commercial/Residential Buildings

This information package was created for owners, managers, and operators of multi-unit residential buildings and mixed-use commercial/residential buildings in Vancouver, BC. It is intended to increase…

Evaluation of DC Fast Charging Locations

This detailed, technical evaluation recommends a siting and deployment sequence for Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations in the Province of British Columbia….

EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment) Service Providers

This is a list of service providers who offer electrical, planning and other Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) related services in British Columbia….

Example Building Codes for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging (California)

This document provides building code guidance for installation of electric vehicle supply equipment.

Benefits: Public and operational benefits of ZEVs including environmental protection and improved vehicle performance.

Charging/Fueling Infrastructure: Charging and fueling station locations, technology, and costs.

Costs: Vehicle total cost of ownership, which includes initial costs as well as operating and maintenance costs.

Driver Orientation: Introductory content for driver training: terminology, vehicle types, charging station access, etc.

Educating Organization Leadership: Resources for decision-makers on topics such as ZEV deployment policies, strategies, challenges, and opportunities.

Fleet Audit & Analysis: Guidance, tools, and examples for strategic planning and procurement decisions.

Location Specific: Resources and information specific to a city, state, or region.

Maintenance: Information related to vehicle and charging/fueling infrastructure maintenance.

Market Analysis: Past and future ZEV market conditions.

Financing: Strategies and tools to encourage private investment.

Partnerships & Networks: Formal or informal stakeholder groups convened to address cross-sector issues.

Public Incentives & Policies: Government resources that encourage ZEV and infrastructure deployment.

Vehicles: Vehicle model information on technology, pricing and cost comparisons, and availability.