UPS bike

E-bikes have enormous potential, and they are an efficient and sustainable way of transport. Are E-bikes the future of delivery? Can fleets reduce GHG emissions, improve employee satisfaction, save costs, and still meet operational requirements? This West Coast Electric Fleets webinar on E-Bikes will explore these questions in detail.

In this webinar, Tom Madrecki (Director of Urban Innovation and Mobility at UPS) explains what’s needed to enable zero-emissions, human-scaled cycle logistics, as well as what his company has learned from more than 30 pilot projects around the world with city government partners. Then Liz Ferris (Corporate Climate Action Coordinator, Capital Regional District ) shares results of the CRD’s zero-emissions fleet initiative electric bicycle ‘e-bike’ pilot, which reduced GHG emissions 99% when compared to a typical car in the CRD fleet, while reducing operating and capital costs.

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