At the 9:45 mark you’ll want to pause the above video and view the one below.

Andrea Pratt (Green Fleet Program Manager) and Chris Bast (Climate Policy Adviser)¬†give an overview of how the City of Seattle is scaling up infrastructure for their electric fleet. Topics¬†include: electrical and charging infrastructure in the central garage, DC fast charging at a city maintenance hub, EV signage, EVs and pollution reduction goals and the importance of leadership’s support for EVs.

Highlights include:

  1. Preference for non-networked or ‘dumb stations’ over networked stations as there are no ongoing fees and they’re is less downtime.
  2. Preference for keypad over RFID cards as users can’t lose the cards.
  3. Leveraging a high number of Nissan Leafs purchases to get a free DC fast charger.
  4. Watch the above videos for more highlights!