27 Feb, 2019

E-Bikes in Fleets

E-bikes have enormous potential, and they are an efficient and sustainable way of transport. Are E-bikes the future of delivery? Can fleets reduce GHG emissions, improve employee satisfaction, save costs, and still meet operational requirements? This West Coast Electric Fleets webinar on E-Bikes will explore these questions in detail. In this webinar, Tom Madrecki (Director of Urban Innovation and Mobility [...]

3 Oct, 2018

October 3 Webinar: Utilities’ Role in Vehicle Electrification

See the webinar at:

16 Apr, 2018

Fleet Procurement of Medium & Heavy Duty Electric Vehicles

The Fraser Basin Council hosted this webinar as part of the West Coast Electric Fleets initiative. Webinar speakers explore incentive programs for medium & heavy-duty vehicles, requests for proposals to EV manufacturers, and lessons learned in EV procurement.

8 Jul, 2017

Integrating ZEVs: A California Department of General Services Case Study

“While we only make up a small portion of Governor Brown’s vision to put 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on California’s roads, state government should lead by example and DGS is excited to be working with all state government agencies to be at the forefront of these efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen our dependency on fossil fuels.” [...]

28 Jun, 2017

EV SmartFleets Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool

The EV SmartFleets Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool equips users with decision-relevant information on the financial viability and environmental impact of light-duty vehicle fleet procurements and can evaluate a variety of procurement ownership structures, vehicle types, and procurement scenarios. The tool is highly flexible and compares procurements side-by-side on a cost-per-mile basis and provides an analysis of cash flows and location-specific [...]

28 Jun, 2017

Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation (AFLEET) Tool

This tool’s simple spreadsheet inputs allow fleet managers to estimate petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutant emissions, and cost of ownership of light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. A version of the spreadsheet that has been edited to allow users in BC to access and use the tool is available for download by clicking the link below. If you are using [...]

16 May, 2017

Improving Access to EVs through Car Sharing Programs

Zach Henkin (ForthMobility), Susana Reyes (City of LA), Aric Ohana (EnvoyThere), Pete Dempster (ReachNow), and Kelvin Stokes (Modo Car Coop) discuss their agencies various EV car sharing business models. Topics include: siting for EVs, overcoming charging concerns, and benefits/barriers to EV car sharing programs. Participant Questions and Panelist Responses

22 Feb, 2017

Scaling Up Infrastructure for an Electric Fleet (A City of Seattle Fleet Profile)

At the 9:45 mark you'll want to pause the above video and view the one below. Andrea Pratt (Green Fleet Program Manager) and Chris Bast (Climate Policy Adviser) give an overview of how the City of Seattle is scaling up infrastructure for their electric fleet. Topics include: electrical and charging infrastructure in the central garage, DC fast charging at a city maintenance [...]

17 Nov, 2016

West Coast Electric Fleets November 17, 2016 Webinar

Jessica Sutorus from City of Colton and Phillip Kobernick from Alameda County joined us for a webinar on making the case for EV's in local government fleets. Jessica discussed the issues that small communities face in promoting EV's and what solutions Colton has used. Phillip discussed the benefits of EV's and how leveraging the use of telematics can improve the [...]

19 Oct, 2016

West Coast Electric Fleets October 19, 2016 Webinar

Eve Hou from Metro Vancouver and Jessie Denver from the City of San Francisco joined us for a webinar on actions by local governments to promote electric vehicles. Metro Vancouver will discuss the use of fleet EVs for public engagement, and the City of San Francisco will discuss their work to date and investment in EVSE. Click "pop-out" below to [...]

16 Jun, 2016

West Coast Electric Fleets June 16, 2016 Webinar

Andrew Burnham from Argonne National Lab showed how fleets can calculate payback periods, total cost of ownership, and GHG emissions for EV's and other types of vehicles. You can download the software and user guide from the Argonne National Lab site. Click "pop-out" below to view the presentation slides.

19 Apr, 2016

West Coast Electric Fleets April 19, 2016 Webinar

Representatives from Powertech Labs and British Columbia Institution of Technology presented on EV charging technology. Click "pop-out" below to view the presentation slides.

29 Feb, 2016

West Coast Electric Fleets February 29, 2016 Webinar

Check out our first West Coast Electric Fleets Webinar of 2016! Representatives from Fleet Carma and Fraser Valley Regional District presented on business and suitability studies for zero emission vehicle fleets. Click "pop-out" below to view the presentation slides.

5 Jan, 2016

Partner Fleet Profile: City of Vancouver – EV Fleet Management

In 2009, the City of Vancouver was one of the first to pilot the Mitsubishi i-MiEV as part of their fleet. By 2012, the number of EVs in the city’s fleet grew from 1 to 17, not including the electric bikes and scooters used by staff to get to and from meetings. The city currently has 31 EVs in the [...]

4 Jan, 2016

Partner Fleet Profile: Fraser Valley Regional District – Making the Case for EVs

In 2013, the Fraser Valley Regional District planned for the future by installing a dual-port charging station at their Chilliwack, B.C. office. Two years later, they put out a tender for their first electric vehicle (EV) in their fleet. In order to understand the costs and benefits of an EV, the FVRD conducted a business case study comparing a variety [...]