West Coast Electric Fleets October 22 Webinar


Watch the webcast of the first West Coast Electric Fleets webinar from August 6.

Electric Truck & Bus Grid Integration: Opportunities, Challenges and Recommendations

This report gives an overview of the opportunities and challenges faced by medium- and heavy-duty electric truck, or e-truck, and bus market. It provides an up-to-date review of current and future vehicle-grid integration issues facing the industry.

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Resource Center

This website provides information specifically tailored to fleet managers on benefits of EVs for fleets. It also includes a guidebook for EV adoption, an EV procurement checklist, an incentive guide a…

The Electric Drive Bellwether?: FedEx Express on Lessons Learned From Global EV Deployments

This case study profiles FedEx’s incorporation of EVs into their global fleet and showcases the steps the company has taken to accelerate EV uptake.

Transportation Publications from Community Energy Association

This website provides a variety of informational and planning resources for regional and municipal decision makers working to transition to EVs in the light duty fleet across Metro Vancouver, BC….

UBC Transportation Infrastructure & Public Space Lab Charging Station Location & Design

This website details projects on topics related to transportation, infrastructure, and the impact of these issues on people and society.

California Statewide Contract for Basic EVSE: EV Connect Inc. Level 2 1-14-61-13A

This website provides information about California statewide contract #1-14-61-13A for Level 1 and 2 charging infrastructure procurement, installation, maintenance and repair….

California Statewide Contract for Basic EVSE: Pacific Lighting Mgmt. Inc. Level 1 & 21-14-61-13B

This website provides information about California statewide contract #1-14-61-13B for Level 2 charging infrastructure procurement, installation, maintenance and repair….

Cooperative Agreements Western State Contracting Alliance (WSCA) contract listing

This website provides a state contracts index listing including California State contract number 1-14-61-13A through 1-14-61-14H for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment….

Benefits: Public and operational benefits of ZEVs including environmental protection and improved vehicle performance.

Charging/Fueling Infrastructure: Charging and fueling station locations, technology, and costs.

Costs: Vehicle total cost of ownership, which includes initial costs as well as operating and maintenance costs.

Driver Orientation: Introductory content for driver training: terminology, vehicle types, charging station access, etc.

Educating Organization Leadership: Resources for decision-makers on topics such as ZEV deployment policies, strategies, challenges, and opportunities.

Fleet Audit & Analysis: Guidance, tools, and examples for strategic planning and procurement decisions.

Location Specific: Resources and information specific to a city, state, or region.

Maintenance: Information related to vehicle and charging/fueling infrastructure maintenance.

Market Analysis: Past and future ZEV market conditions.

Financing: Strategies and tools to encourage private investment.

Partnerships & Networks: Formal or informal stakeholder groups convened to address cross-sector issues.

Public Incentives & Policies: Government resources that encourage ZEV and infrastructure deployment.

Vehicles: Vehicle model information on technology, pricing and cost comparisons, and availability.