California Department of General Services


E-Bikes in Fleets


E-bikes have enormous potential, and they are an efficient and sustainable way of transport. Are [...]

Fleet Procurement of Medium & Heavy Duty Electric Vehicles


The Fraser Basin Council hosted this webinar as part of the West Coast Electric Fleets [...]

Integrating ZEVs: A California Department of General Services Case Study

“While we only make up a small portion of Governor Brown’s vision to put 1.5 [...]

Cooperative Agreements Western State Contracting Alliance (WSCA) contract listing

This website provides a state contracts index listing including California State contract number 1-14-61-13A through 1-14-61-14H for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment....

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Guidance Document

This "how to" guide is written for public entites looking to install workplace charging. It includes information on technology, planning, procurement, data collection, models, and utility assistance....