In 2012, Andrew Mitchell, an eco-preneur started GeaZone – an all-electric delivery service based in Victoria, B.C. Beginning with only an electric tricycle, Andrew quickly grew the business and expanded to what’s now 2 E-trikes, 3 Nissan Leafs, and 2 Smith Electric Trucks. They have continued to double their growth annually, and are the first delivery company to sign the West Coast Electric Fleets Pledge. Since the first delivery in 2012, GeaZone has prevented over 400,000kg of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere while putting over 500,000km on their fleet vehicles.

The exponential growth in business has had its drawbacks, such as looking for five new electric trucks to add to their fleet by the end of 2016, presenting time challenges to a small business. With little maintenance costs other than changing the occasional tire, GeaZone has been able to be competitive with existing delivery services that use gasoline or diesel fuel. With a strong base of existing costumers and new ones signing on, GeaZone hopes to expand across Canada and inspire other fleet managers that using electric just makes sense. GeaZone sees value in electric not just financially, but also because it offers an immediate reduction in carbon emissions. For fleet managers looking to make the switch to electric, GeaZone noted that taking advantage of existing public charging infrastructure has been key in expanding their business. For more information on GeaZone visit:

Quick Facts

  • Current fleet includes:
    • 2 Smith E-Trucks
    • 3 Nissan Leafs
    • 2 E-Trikes
  • Range per full charge:
    • Nissan: 160km (99mi)
    • Smith: 200km (124mi)
  • Costs for charging up ($CAD):
    • Leaf: $2 (L2) & $6 (DCFC)
    • Smith: $10.25 (L2)
  • Cost per km travelled ($CAD):
    • Nissan: <$0.037
    • Smith: < $0.051
  • Since 2012:
    • Over 500,000km (310,000mi)
    • $100,000 CDN saved on fuel
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