In 2013, the Fraser Valley Regional District planned for the future by installing a dual-port charging station at their Chilliwack, B.C. office. Two years later, they put out a tender for their first electric vehicle (EV) in their fleet. In order to understand the costs and benefits of an EV, the FVRD conducted a business case study comparing a variety of vehicles including both electric and gas cars.

In understanding if EVs would meet the demands of users, the FVRD analyzed trip data of their fleet from October 2013 to August 2014. With data showing that 73% of all trips taken were less than 100km (60mi), the FVRD had a baseline from which to assess the business case.

The business case showed that over a 7-year lifespan EVs cost nearly the same or less than hybrids and conventional vehicles. The savings of EVs was even more pronounced when considering a 10-year lifespan because of the drastic savings in fuel and maintenance costs. Even more impressive was that the business case did not assume any potential incentives that might reduce the cost of EVs, presenting the case that EVs could compete on their own.

In July 2015 the FVRD took possession of a Nissan Leaf, followed by a Mitsubishi i-MiEV in September. With nearly 5,000km (3,100mi) driven between the two EVs in the first four months, their adoption by FVRD staff has been a success. For more information on FVRD’s electric fleet contact environment@fvrd.bc.ca.

Quick Facts

  • Current fleet includes
    • 1 Nissan Leaf
    • 1 Mitsubishi i-MiEV
  • Range per full charge
    • Nissan: 130km+(81mi+)
    • Mitsubishi: 100km (62mi)
  • Cost per km travelled ($CAD)
    • Nissan: $0.013
    • Mitsubishi: $0.013
  • Nissan Leaf traveled 410km(255mi) in a single day
  • $550 SAVED on fuel in the first 4 months
  • 5,000km (3,100mi) traveled in vehicles since June 2015
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