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Cielo Electric – EVSE Supplier & Contractor

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Envision Solar – Solar EV Charging

EV Connect – EV Charging Solutions

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Telefonix Inc. – EVSE Manufacturer

Puget Sound Solar – Solar to EV Contractor

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West Coast Electric Fleets (WCEF) promotes the adoption of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in fleets as a strategy for growing the broader West Coast ZEV market. We are actively recruiting fleets to join the initiative and commit to procuring ZEVs. Current membership includes some of the largest state and city fleets on the West Coast and an increasing number of utility and private fleets.

Through webinars and in-person events, we are creating a network to help fleets achieve their sustainability goals and motivate them to adopt ZEVs. Our online toolkit connects partners to resources that help them assess how ZEVs can best meet their operational needs and save money.

WCEF Invites Organizations to Join as Implementation Partners

To sustain and strengthen West Coast Electric Fleets, we seek opportunities to work with public, private, and non-profit Implementation Partners that can help fleets seize opportunities and overcome barriers to ZEV adoption. Together, fleets and Implementation Partners can accelerate technological innovation, drive infrastructure investment, and reinforce policies to help grow WCEF and transform the market for ZEVs. We envision that Implementation Partners may include:

  • Vehicle and equipment manufacturers and dealers
  • Fleet service providers
  • Charging infrastructure providers
  • Non-profit organizations promoting ZEV policy and
  • market development

Examples of how Implementation Partners can support the work of fleets include:

  • Contributing information and services to help fleets understand opportunities for ZEVs
  • Sponsoring outreach events (e.g., ride-and-drives)
  • Providing technical assistance
  • Providing purchasing incentives (e.g., through bulk discounts of equipment or services).

Implementation Partner Opportunities

Opportunities for Implementation Partners include:

  • Along with WCEF fleet partners, highlighting effective examples of ZEV deployment strategies (e.g., co-presenting with fleets during webinars or workshops and co-developing case studies).
  • Visibility, including being listed on the WCEF website and incorporating Implementation Partner resources into the Resource Library.
  • Communication to fleets participating in WCEF about opportunities to participate in Implementation Partner demonstration projects, product/service testing, and similar activities.

How to Become a WCEF Implementation Partner

If you share our goal to accelerate fleet adoption of ZEVs, we hope you will consider becoming a WCEF Implementation Partner! Use the form below to indicate interest and help us get to know you better. Requests to become Implementation Partners will be reviewed and approved by the WCEF Steering Committee. We will review and update the list of Implementation Partners periodically. Please note that WCEF, the PCC, and their members and partners do not provide an explicit or implicit endorsement of Implementation Partners’ products or services. Implementation Partners will not receive, nor shall they imply, that there is an endorsement of their products or services by WCEF, the PCC their members or partners. Implementation partners may not actively solicit the purchase of their products and/or services through WCEF communication channels.

Download Background Information (PDF)
Download Partner Information Form (PDF)

Implementation Partner Information Form

West Coast Electric Fleets welcomes organizations interested in becoming 2017 Implementation Partners. This information form is intended to help West Coast Electric Fleets get to know your organization better and help our Steering Committee make decisions about Implementation Partners. The Steering Committee is interested in:

  • The zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) services and/or products you provide to fleets
  • Ways your organization can encourage fleets to join and actively participate in West Coast Electric Fleets and communicate the benefits of ZEVs to fleets
  • The types of information your organization would like to be able to communicate to fleets
Fields marked with an * are required

Feel free to provide contact information for a fleet you have worked/are working with that we can contact as a reference